El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina

Host: Shannon
Published March 04, 2020

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General description

  • Secondary home
Adobe house with amazing views! Next to our garden and a 2 minute walk from a beautiful river. The property is located 7 kilometers from El Bolson. Perfect for a couple/someone looking to spend winter in a calm place connected to nature. It’s rustic but warm with its wood burning stove.

Needs and Animals

  • My property
  • Vegetable patch
  • 2 dogs
  • 2 cats
  • Farm animals
We have two amazing dogs, Blue and Beto that just need some love! Blue is a lab mix and very well trained, Beto is a rescue mix and super old and funny. Cali and dos are the two cats and they are loving but independent. The chickens and geese are in a very big coral and need just basic maintenance.

Practical life

  • Isolated
  • Less than 50 m² (530 sq. ft.)
  • More than 1000 m² (1060 sq. ft.)
  • Airport
  • Market
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian
  • No elevator
  • 2e floor
  • No disabled access

Comfort and Luxury

  • 2 floors
  • One room of which one bedroom
  • Regional
  • Car parking available
  • Landscaped garden
  • Television / DVD library
  • Book library
  • Art and music

Tourism and Leisure

  • Mountain
  • Countryside
  • Forest
  • Beach
There are a ton of short and long hikes to do in the area.

El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina

El Bolsón, Río Negro, Argentina


From Friday 2020

To Monday 2020

flexible dates

We want to spend at least 2 weeks with the sitters to show them the ropes so they are welcomed to
Come before but not much after may 1st. The end date can be flexible by some time before or after August 31sr as well.




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