Lower Boro, New South Wales, Australia

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Published September 22, 2021

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General description

  • Main home
The house is 4 bedroom on 100 acres, of beautiful woodland, with two fields and three dams. We have one dog, one cat and two beautiful highland cows. There is space to park a caravan if you have your own either in the shed of somewhere beautiful on the property.

We have to go the UK to care for a sick relative and would need someone for the next three months.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • A dog
  • A cat
  • Farm animals
The dog is a 10 year old gentle staffie cross who needs walks and daily medication. The cat and dog are indoor animals who are used to going out when ever they want. The dog would need to be taken to the vets for a check up and refill on his medication. The two cows just need keeping an eye on as they are quite friendly and feed and water themselves!

Practical life

  • Isolated
  • 50 - 150 m² (530 - 1590 sq. ft.)
  • More than 1000 m² (1060 sq. ft.)
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • Ground floor
  • No disabled access
We are 15 mins from the nearest village which has a pub and garage and train station. The closest supermarket is 30 mins by car, Goulburn and Queanbeyan are 50 mins away and Canberra is just over an hour.

Comfort and Luxury

  • One floor
  • 7 rooms of which 2 bedrooms
  • Regional
  • Veranda
  • Television / DVD library
  • Fitted kitchen
You would have your own private woods to walk in, a fire place with unlimited fire wood

Tourism and Leisure

  • Countryside
  • Forest
Located close to historic Braidwood and lots of country towns to explore

Lower Boro, New South Wales, Australia

Lower Borough NSW 2580, Australia


From Wednesday 2021

To Monday 2022

firm dates

We have flights booked one way as we do not know out return date as we are caring for a sick relative who has been given months to live




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