Knebel, Denmark

Host: Heather S.
Published October 26, 2021

General description

  • Main home
Svanesminde is a traditional Danish farmhouse, with a courtyard in the centre. There are two wings for living in, one wing for storage, a garage and a hen house, and a final one used as a barn.

The first wing is the oldest part of the house and contains the main kitchen, two bathrooms, a living space and a double bedroom, with antique furniture. The second is a ca. 10 year old modern conversion, with an open plan living and sleeping space. There is sleeping space with two beds as well as a sofa bed. There is one bathroom with a power shower and a study/ library space (that could also be used as a bedroom if privacy away from the open plan space is wished for). In total, the two wings can sleep eight people.

The hens live in a hen house with a coop and an automatic feeder that needs filling every few days. The cat lives in the barn and does not come in to the house, so the animals should not be a problem for you even if you have allergies.

Outdoors, there is a courtyard, garden and a space on a cliff, overlooking the beach and sea. There is ample garden furniture if you would like to spend time out there.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • A cat
  • Birds
We have a cat, who lives in the barn and needs feeding twice a day. We also have hens that need letting out in the morning and giving fresh water. They have a feeder that will need topping up every few days. They then need shutting in their hen house every evening. All animal food is kept in the barn and easily findable.

Practical life

  • Isolated
  • More than 500 m² (5290 sq. ft.)
  • More than 1000 m² (1060 sq. ft.)
  • Bus stop
  • Airport
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • No elevator
  • First floor
  • No disabled access
Svanesminde is approximately a mile from the nearest hamlet, Esby. There is a bus that goes from there to Rønde, a town with ample supermarkets and shops and onward connections to Aarhus and Ebeltoft. Aarhus airport is about half an hour from Svanesminde.
A car would be practical, although it is possible to visit using public transport if you are willing to walk to the bus stop in Esby.

Life is very quiet. The house is right on the coast, so you can easily go to the beach. The Mols Bjerge National Park is very nearby, so you can easily do lots of hiking.

Comfort and Luxury

  • One floor
  • One room of which one bedroom
  • Regional
  • Book library
  • Art and music
  • Fitted kitchen
We have lots of books and records, as well as two pianos. There is an ample kitchen with lots of storage space for food. The outdoors spaces are spectacular.

Tourism and Leisure

  • Sea
  • Countryside
  • Forest
  • Beach
It is easy to get to the popular tourist town of Ebeltoft (half an hours drive away). Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, is only an hour away by car. Mols Bjerge and Helgenæs have lovely nature and walks, in forest, on the coast and the hills. Sletterhage lighthouse is on the peninsula, which is popular with tourists.

Knebel, Denmark

8420 Knebel, Denmark


From Tuesday 2021

To Tuesday 2021

flexible dates

We do not have firm dates but are looking for a house sitter for one week or ten days in November. Due to flight schedules, it would be best if they could arrive on a Friday and leave the following Friday or Monday, depending on how long they want to stay.



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