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Host: Benedicte A.
Published September 08, 2019

General description

  • Main home
Quaint, 80 sqm "alt-bau" apartment in east Berlin with two balconies, a bedroom, a living room, a separate kitchen, and a large bathroom. High ceilings, big windows, and lots of natural light. The apartment is situated in a quieter area of Berlin called Lichtenberg (which makes sleeping in a lot easier!), but still only a 5 minute S/U-Bahn ride to more lively and exciting neighbourhoods. We just recently overtook the lease, so the nesting has only just begun! Nevertheless, all of the friends and guests we've had over have enjoyed their stay very much - and we hope you will too!

Needs and Animals

  • My plants
  • Animals with specific needs
  • Many plants
  • A cat
Grey is probably the most chill and loving cat you'll ever encounter - I'm not exaggerating! He's very affectionate and will most likely come and cuddle up to you morning, afternoon, and overnight. He needs to be fed twice a day - once in the morning between 7.30 and 9.00 am, and once at night between 20.00 and 21.00 pm. There are cans of wet food I feed him to help with his digestion, and I usually give him 1/3 of the can per meal (I eyeball the amount, no need to be exact). If he meows and asks for more after being fed, don't give in - he's a glutton! I change the water every evening feed. He can chill out on the balconies if he wants, but is not allowed to jump up on the ledges (I get a heart attack every time he sneaks a peak onto the street down below). Seeing as he used to be able to go outdoors (since I moved to Germany he can no longer go outside so much...), I try to give him as much liberty as I can. I let him go out into the hall sometimes when I arrive home, for example, so don't worry about that. You can let him go out on the stairway and stand by the door while he sniffs around. Sometimes I follow him up or down the stairs when he's feeling "adventurous". Hmmm, what else... oh, I usually change the kitty litter once to twice a week - you'll smell when it's time.
The plants should usually be watered once a week with some exceptions, and the cacti and succulents once every week in the spring and summer, and once every two weeks in autumn and winter... I think.

Practical life

  • City
  • 50 - 150 m² (530 - 1590 sq. ft.)
  • Less than 20 m² (210 sq. ft.)
  • Metro/tram station
  • Bus stop
  • Railway station
  • Airport
  • Market
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Shopping mall
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • No elevator
  • 2e floor
  • No disabled access
Berlin is an exciting city - there's always something going on, something to do, new food to try, and new clubs to dance in! That being said, being in the middle of it all can sometimes be tiring. That's why I enjoy living in my neighbourhood so much; it's still very close to everything one might need - shops, restaurants, pharmacies, metro station, etc., but also is less hectic than the rest of the city - I can actually hear the birds chirp in the morning! Having easy access to the S+U Bahn and Buses also makes life much easier. As for the apartment itself, it's perfect for any city dweller: not too big, not too small. With a kitchen big enough to actually cook including a balcony, a big bedroom with another balcony, a big living room/dining room, and a bathroom I can actually move around in, it really suits my needs as an urban liver perfectly. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and appreciate having the ideal mix of cosmopolitan convenience with near residential-type quiet*!

*The apartment is still in a major Berlin borough, so while it is quieter than the other city neighbourhoods, it's an city apartment in an urban city setting.

Comfort and Luxury

  • One floor
  • 4 rooms of which one bedroom
  • Contemporary
  • Terrace / Balcony
  • Car parking available
  • Television / DVD library
  • Book library
  • Art and music
Unless you speak German, I don't think you'll be able to take advantage of the many philosophy books belonging to my partner.... BUT, we do have a record player with a (albeit beginner) nice selection of records with speakers connected to the living room and kitchen, a bathtub, so you can indulge yourself with a bubble bath, AND, last but not least, a projector, so you can have bad*** movie nights, too. We also have two bikes you'll be able to make use of during your stay.

Tourism and Leisure

  • City
  • Museum
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Theater / Opera
The apartment is a 5 minute Bahn ride away to the Berlin's East Station, so it's very easy to navigate around the city (Alexanderplatz is +- 15 minutes away). There's a really quaint weekend market on Saturdays and Sundays at Boxhagener Platz, the hip area in Friedrichshain, about a 15 minute trip total from the apartment. Saturday is food and crafts, and Sunday is vintage decor and clothing. There's a cinema about a 10-minute Bahn ride away, and a big, American-tyle shopping mall a 5-minute ride away. For any more recommendations, just ask!

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany


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I will be leaving for Budapest on the 11th of September and my partner decided to join me last minute, so we are in desperate need of a house-sitter for that time! Please contact me with any questions, we are flexible and can adapt to any specific needs or requirements of yours.

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