Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

Host: Jay N.
Published March 16, 2020

General description

  • Main home
This is my first time on Nomador. I am an experienced host with reviews on another website which I can send you.

The apartment is 80 sqm maisonette with 2 bedrooms upstairs, kitchen (no dishwasher), full bath. Central heating, high speed wifi. There is a washing machine in the apartment.

There is a nice park (Nidda park) 3,5 km away and the Nidda River is a 10 minute walk away. It's great for jogging. There is also a big and clean open air swimming public pool 15 minute walk away which costs 5 Euro per day.

The area is called Eschersheim, easily reachable by public transport on the S-Train (Surburban) and also the U-Train (Underground). Generally a car is not necessary, especially if you're going into the city. There is no parking on the property but you will find street parking round the corner. There are shops for groceries within walking distance ( 5 minutes), there is also a nice Sardinian restaurant and the best gelateria in Frankfurt 15 minutes walk away.

There are shared bikes for hire around the city. There are also shared cars - such as car2go and book-n-drive. There is uber in Frankfurt but they charge the same tariffs as the taxis - Uber would overall be slightly cheaper as they normally don't charge for luggage and call out fee. situation studio apartment (32 sqm) in a fantastic location, walking distance to all amenities.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • Animals with specific needs
  • 2 dogs
The dogs are a dachshund and dachshund cross aged 15 and 11. The older dog is a sweet old girl. She usually barks at big dogs. She loves to eat and sleep. The younger dog is very friendly and energetic. Both dogs have had obedience training. They stay on the leash with the pet sitter. Both love to hunt cats, squirrels, moles and despite their age, both can outrun most people when they decide to turbo dash. There are lots of cats and squirrels in this area so you need to be alert, especially in the evening, and make sure you're holding the leash properly so they don't surprisingly dash out of your hand.

Due to Evangeline's age she needs to pee more often Raymond. In the morning around 6.30 Evangeline needs a quick pee in the courtyard, (I normally go back to sleep after this), then between 8 and 9 both dogs 45 mins walk plus feeding, (13hrs for both dogs 45 mins is done by the dog walker but you need to be on standby incase she can't come), 6pm both dogs for a walk 20 mins plus feeding, around 8pm Evangeline needs a quick pee. Then both dogs around 10pm for 15 minutes. If you go to bed even later best to let Evangeline out for a quick pee in the garden. Basically the more she can be let out the better.

It's important that you are reachable by whatsapp voice and text when you are away from the apartment (data roaming if your number is not from EU) so we can contact each other when you are away from the apartment. The dog walker will come once a day, usually at lunch time to walk the dogs, which means you have the daytime free without needing to come back to take the dogs out. However if she cancels you need to be on standby to take the dogs out.

The dogs eat fresh meat (usually deer) which you will defrost and cook. It takes about 5 minutes to cook it on the stove at each meal. The dogs are not the sort of dogs for taking to cafés / restaurants / jogging / meet-ups with other dog owners, they can stay home alone for some hours. The dogs are used to having new people take care of them as I can't always look after them myself due to work or travel. There are also indoor plants which need watering once per week.

Practical life

  • City
  • 50 - 150 m² (530 - 1590 sq. ft.)
  • No land/balcony
  • Metro/tram station
  • Bus stop
  • Railway station
  • Airport
  • Market
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • No elevator
  • First floor
  • No disabled access
There is a restaurant next door.

Comfort and Luxury

  • 2 floors
  • 4 rooms of which 2 bedrooms
  • Traditional
You're welcome to read my books from my small collection while you're here.

Tourism and Leisure

  • Countryside
  • Forest
  • City
  • Museum
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Theater / Opera
There are a couple of movie theatres with movies in English.
There are a some spa towns and hills for hiking nearby. Mainz is also close and nice for a day trip.
There are a lot of different kinds of restaurants in the city.

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany


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