Chofu, Tokyo, Japan

Host: Tais
Published April 14, 2016

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General description

  • Main home
Very small apartment for western standard size but quite normal for an apartment for single people in Japan. Cozy one room apartment, fully equipped with both heating and cooling system. In a country with one of the most expensive accommodation fees. Only 20 minutes train ride from Shibuya/Shinjuku. Quiet residential area with shops around the train station, about 8 minutes walk away.

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • A cat
My biggest concern is my Scottish fold cat, he is a good boy named Pepe. However he gets a little shy with strangers, but after a little while he warms up. I would like you to feed him wet food twice a day, and leave dry food out for him when you leave, just in case something happens. Clean his litter box daily and always check if he has fresh water. Play with him as much as you can, but at least 15 minutes twice a day. He is only 1 year old and still loves to play, gets bored easily. He is a sweet boy, but has a true cat personality, doesn't really like to be held (only when he feels like), so he might bite you if you hold him against his will. I would like you to send me a picture everyday, just so I can rest assure.

Practical life

  • City
  • Less than 50 m² (530 sq. ft.)
  • No land/balcony
  • Metro/tram station
  • Bus stop
  • Market
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Supermarket
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
  • No elevator
  • 2e floor
  • No disabled access
There are many shops around the station, which is a 8 minutes walk from the house, markets, shops and restaurants open 24 hours. The neighborhood is quiet, so please keep it down past 11pm. Garbage system in Japan is a bit annoying, you have to separate the trash and put it out on specific dates. No special cares for the house.

Comfort and Luxury

  • One floor
  • One room of which one bedroom
  • Traditional
  • Air conditioning
I have an old but great bike that you can use, there are temples, shopping malls and hot springs within a bike ride away

Tourism and Leisure

  • City
  • Theme park
  • Zoo
There are temples, hot springs, traditional restaurants around the apartment, and many many others within a short train ride away.

Chofu, Tokyo, Japan

Chofu, Tokyo, Japan


From Wednesday 2016

To Sunday 2016

flexible dates

My date is not fixed yet, I am going to buy the ticket once i've decided on a house sitter. I would like to meet on Skype and also meet in person so I can get to know you and introduce the house, cat and neighborhood.




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