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La Caleta, Canarias, Spain

Host: Vanesa B.
Published October 26, 2018

General description

  • Main home
We have a beautiful stone house overlooking the sea on the coast of Tamaduste on the island of El Hierro. El Hierro is the only one of the Canary Islands that is not exploited touristically and you can enjoy its virgin nature. It is an ideal island for hiking, snorkel and bathing in paradisiacal coves without crowds. The people are very friendly and the landscapes are very varied due to the relief although the island is small

Needs and Animals

  • My pets
  • Animals with specific needs
  • 3 dogs
  • 8 cats
We are a spanish couple and every year we make a trip in September/October to know the world and another during the Christmas holidays to see our family. We live in a stone house on the mountain, but next to the sea, in El Tamaduste on the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands. We have three dogs, two San Bernardos and one mix. They are very affectionate and homely and every time we leave them in a daycare they have a very bad time and lose weight, that is why we would like someone who loves animals and traveling to enjoy our house and the fantastic island of El Hierro to the time he takes care of our dogs. To be able to travel around the island is necessary car, sitters would have to rent one. We would like to have some reference or know us well before to have full confidence. Also that they came a few days before we left to give the instructions of everything. While we are there, you would have total privacy because there is a room with a private bathroom in the lower part of the house. I am a volunteer in the animal shelter of El Hierro and if you like to help, you can also visit if you want. Once we decide on a candidate it will be necessary to show evidence that flights have been booked. During the last Christmas holidays we had our first experience with housesitters and everything worked very well on both sides, and now in September we have once again had a fantastic experience leaving our pets in the care of other house sitters

Practical life

  • Isolated
  • 50 - 150 m² (530 - 1590 sq. ft.)
  • More than 1000 m² (1060 sq. ft.)
  • Airport
  • Small shop / Minimarket
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarian
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Washing machine
  • Deep freeze
  • Enclosed garden
  • No elevator
  • 2e floor
  • No disabled access
Responsibilities of the house sitters: Spend the nights at home and several hours during the day. Feed and walk the three dogs. Take care of the house as if it were yours. Be responsible so that dogs are not in danger of escaping or getting lost. Give them a lot of love, send us pictures during the holidays. Preferably if you speak Spanish, although it is not a problem if we can understand each other in English.
To the island of El Hierro only planes arrive from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, so you will have to travel to one of these islands and from there take a flight from the company Binter or Canaryfly. It would be great to take the trip to stop on one of these islands and also to get to know it. It is advisable to bring old clothes to be at home, since with three large dogs the hair and drool are common.

Comfort and Luxury

  • 2 floors
  • 4 rooms of which 2 bedrooms
  • Regional
  • Landscaped garden
Our house has a rustic style but with all the comforts, but without a doubt its strong point is the landscape, to wake up seeing the sunrise in the Atlantic sea, even the other islands in clear days. The weather is also perfect, to be able to take a dip in the sea in December if there is no occasional meteorological phenomenon. El Hierro is a natural paradise and being able to enjoy it from a stone house on the hill overlooking the sea and without neighbors too close is something that fills the spirit

Tourism and Leisure

  • Sea
  • Mountain
  • Countryside
  • Beach
El Hierro is the smallest island of the Canary Islands. Of the seven, it is the one that is farthest to the west and shares the same climate as the rest. A paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Life, in El Hierro, is different. It is special, it is unique. It is an island to enjoy with the five senses, to discover its landscapes and feel its peace.
El Hierro is an island with life ... It is the island with soul.

Clear skies, little rainfall and a radiant sun. These are the main characteristics that define El Hierro's climate. Here you can enjoy long, sunny days with pleasant temperatures that range between 19º and 23º C.

The nights on the island are usually very clear and clear, ideal for romantics or lovers of astronomy, since the El Hierro sky is one of the cleanest and brightest in the world.

Scientifically, it has been shown that climate influences us directly. Our emotions are affected every time we feel the sun's rays or float in the sea water. And this makes our serotonin level rise and stress decreases.

The Canary Islands benefit from the trade winds, during most of the year, given their situation close to the tropics. This, together with the thermal inversion, means that clouds do not develop and we can see the sun almost every day. So, in winter it rains an average of 3 days a month. And in summer, practically never.
An ideal time to spend the day outside your accommodation.

El Hierro invites every day and night of the year to enjoy an outdoor holiday and make the most of your stay.

La Caleta, Canarias, Spain

38910 La Caleta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


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Each year we make a trip in September/October to know the world and another during the Christmas holidays to see our family



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