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Nomador home-book

The home-book is a document that collects all the important information and instructions for your house-sitters.

Why fill the Home-Book in?
Bien complété le home-book vous permettra de laisser à vos home-sitters des informations précieuses : numéros de téléphone indispensables, contacts utiles, instructions spécifiques pour l'entretien de la maison ou du jardin ou pour la garde des animaux. Vos home-sitters passeront un séjour plus agréable et vous pourrez partir de votre domicile plus tranquilles : la garde est organisée !

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Standard home inventory

Entrusting one’s home, or arriving at someone else’s, is never an easy matter! At Nomador we do our best to help you by providing different tools that can help stack the odds in your favour, whether you’re a home-owner or a house-sitter. A basic Home Inventory allows to check that all key elements are in good condition, before house-sitters arrive and before owners come home.

Of course, a house-sitting home inventory cannot be as detailed as a home inventory for a rental property. Which is actually great; otherwise you would not even consider having house-sitters at your home, or looking after someone else’s, a concept that relies upon trust!

Mais croyez-en notre expérience : même si cet "état des lieux" reste très basique, en établir un et le parcourir ensemble vous permettra d'éviter bien des quiproquos et des non-dits, ce qui protégera d'autant plus la nouvelle relation amicale que vous êtes en train de créer.

House-sitting agreement

If you are a home owner, house-sitting involves lending your home to a person or persons who will live in and look after it. If you are a house-sitter, you will be looking after someone else’s home and property. House-sitting therefore does not as such involve exchange of monies. It cannot be regarded as a letting or sub-letting arrangement.
House-sitting gives rise to, and establishes human relationships of indisputably high quality. The spirit of home sitting is one of mutual trust. Notwithstanding this, signing a contract by home owner and house-sitter has its uses. The contract provides a formal framework for the relationship.

The standard contract attached takes its inspiration from the Lending for Use Contract of Articles 1875 and following of the French Civil Code. But the degree to which it is recognized in law varies by country of origin and nationality of the parties. Although Nomador suggests prospective home owners and house-sitters adopt a contract such as this, Nomador disclaims all responsibility or liability in respect of any contract signed between the parties.


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