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Mon âge :
65 ans
Ma profession :
retired firefighter and paramedic
Ma ville :
Panama, Panama, Panama

Compagnon(s) de voyage

  • Terry Coles, 59 ans, Retired, Conjoint(e) / Partenaire

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Par Kim E., le 30/10/2017
What can we say! Clyde and Terry are ‘The’ prefect house and pet sitters. This amazing couple ‘travelling the world pet sitting’ have a wealth of experience and some amazing stories. We felt happy when we skype interviewed them and even more delighted when we met them. We know our dogs and cats were well looked after and loved whilst we took our vacation. In fact we can honestly say that the dogs missed Clyde and Terry after they left! Our villa was also immaculately clean and tidy when we returned home. What more can one ask! In the short time we spent with them before and after the sit, we also know we have made new friends….we are hoping to arrange another sit with them in the future. Have no hesitation in asking them to sit for you!
Par Amelie C., le 18/08/2017
Clyde and Terry cared very well for my cat Swiffer and gave me news regurlarly : thank you !
Par Wolfgang E., le 11/07/2017
Terry and Clyde are the perfect house sitters. They have a loving way with the animals, kept the house in perfect order - as much as this is possible in our house ;-) , were interested to get to know the city, the area and the customs of Valencia. Being very experienced in this "profession" they also have quite a few stories to tell from their world trips, yet they're also excellent listeners (I tend to tell too much stories...)
Yet they are also able to "disappear into the background" when needed, for instance so we could perform our work during the days we were together.
I can fully recommend them, and would immediately have them back here again.
Par Victoria H., le 31/10/2015
Clyde and Terry were absolutely wonderful! Throughout the entire process of interviewing via Skype and email and when they actually got here until they left, they were open, kind, and courteous. We were a little nervous if they would like the sit since our area isn't really 'touristy', but their prior experience in South America was invaluable and really helped in every aspect. Once we met them in person, we felt 100%% confident that they were the perfect couple to stay with our (slightly neurotic) hound :)
While we were gone, they kept us regularly updated not only on the status of our dog, but also with their adventures and sightseeing! It was great to see our area through their eyes. We came home to a sparkling clean apartment, happy and healthy dog, and a pot of chicken soup for lunch! It was a wonderful end to a great trip. We'd be more than happy to have them sit for us again if they ever want to head our way in the future! :)