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Nomador is a trust-based community platform putting house-sitters and homeowners into contact. As a homeowner, a house-sitter will look after your home when you’re away. As a house-sitter, discover new areas of the world while looking after someone’s home.

House-sitting is a service provided free of charge. "I lend you my home when I’m away, and you look after it like it was your own." House-sitting is for people who love traveling. As a homeowner, you travel in peace of mind for a shorter or longer time given that holiday accommodation comes at virtually no cost to the house-sitter.

Nomador was launched in Sydney in February 2014 by the founders of the French website ILIDOR (founded 2007).

The Nomador website promotes house-sitting the world over by offering an affordable solution based on the values of sharing and fostering richer relationships between families across borders and continents.


Nomador was founded in July 2013 and operates from Paris, France:

Ferrari RH - Nomador 41 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris FRANCE

RCS Paris B 512 042 615

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