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Your free solution to a peaceful holiday: find the best pet-lovers and house-sitters.

Nomador is the ideal way to find like-minded people-aka house-sitters-to look after your home and pets when you are away! Nomador house-sitters look after houses for free. They’re willing to travel to new places, near or far, for a new experience. They will take care of your home, including the family’s friends, four-legged, feathered or otherwise.

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  • House-sitters are animal lovers

    House-sitters are people just like you. They know pets hate being taken away from their homes, especially when their owners are away. Also, you save on kennel fees, which is a considerable bonus. Holidays and pets are no longer a problem!

  • Nomador puts you in contact with house-sitters nearby … or from the other side of the globe

    When you publish your house-sitting listing, you will get applications from people in your own country and from thousands of miles away. It’s a fantastic way to make friends worldwide!

  • Leave on vacation with peace of mind - your home and pets are in good hands

    You lend your house to people who are happy to look after it for free. As it is occupied, your house is secure and your garden is looked after. Just as if you were still there!

Why Nomador?

  • It’s simple and free of charge

    Posting an advert on Nomador is unbelievably quick and easy. You don’t even have to pay an entry subscription.

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  • It’s secure

    Feel safe to communicate with applicants: identities are verified, view member profiles, use our internal message system and see reviews from other members. On Nomador, identities are checked, one at a time, by a moderator.

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  • Quick, easy and highly efficient networking

    95% of home-owners advertising for house-sitters confirm the house-sit with applicant(s) of their choice within 48 hours of posting their advert. The Nomador Community is already 53485 members strong.

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  • Friendship-based solution

    Join a community of travellers and animal lovers who share your values: trust, care and a sense of commitment, generosity of spirit, sharing, curiosity of other cultures, open-mindedness and a global awareness.

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