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Going on holiday?

Find house-sitters in the Nomador Community that you can trust to look after your home and pets.

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  • Pamela and Matthew Pamela and MatthewSydney, Australia
    Because home-owners trust us, we feel really responsible for the properties we look after.
  • Jean-Pierre and Françoise Jean-Pierre and FrançoiseLa Rochelle, France
    We take our role extremely seriously. We want home-owners to go away on holiday in full peace of mind.
  • Isabelle and Jeff Isabelle and JeffMontreal, Canada
    We look for homes where there are dogs to look after. We love them, they make holidays such fun and give a sense of purpose to going out walking.
  • Nancy and Tom Nancy and TomBoston, USA
    The family lent us an apartment close to Paris. They promised to come and see us in Boston next year. We've made new friends!

Become a house-sitter

Create your personal profile stating your interest in house-sitting and relevant qualities

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Apply for house-sitting opportunities that interest you

Find house-sitters

Post your advert describing your home and why you want someone to look after it

Receive applications from interested house-sitters

Select prospective house-sitters by looking at their profile, their Trust Index and their endorsements from other homeowners

Discuss prospective home-sits through secure internal email

Clinch a house-sitting deal and enjoy the security of a trusted person to look after your home:

  • Go away with peace of mind
  • Discover new regions
  • Strike up new friendships

Why Nomador?

The Discovery Option allows you to access, for free and without commitment, the essential functions but is limited to 3 contacts with other members.

Nomador members build up their Trust Profile when they have their identity checked and receive endorsements and recommendation from other members

Nomador is a secure information exchange platform. Its key features are moderation of adverts and protection of personal data

You want someone to look after your home? You’re looking for a property to home-sit? One and the same Nomador registration is all you need!

Home-owners, have someone to look after your house

Find a solution to go away with peace of mind by entrusting your home

For family holidays, travelling abroad or for work, having a home-sitter look after your house or pets means you can leave home with confidence and in security. You leave your home in friendly and responsible hands.

Join the home-sitting community

Create links of confidence with members of Nomador community

Join the Nomador community! Meet trusted house-sitters and owners. Go on the trip of a life-time. Leave your house in good hands as you discover new cultures, share interests and make new friends with people on your doorstep or on the other side of the world.

Travel thanks to home-sitting

Travel round the world by helping out homeowners

Home-sitting is travelling in a different way while helping out homeowners. Look after a house as if it was your own, in exchange for accommodation. Go right round the world, discover other regions and cultures, and live like the locals.