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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Subscription

Is registration compulsory?

To post an advert or to respond to an advert, you must register and become a member of the community. Registering through the Discovery option is free of charge.

The Discovery option allows to register and test all basic features on Nomador.

Some adverts on the website are “private.” This means you must be be a subscriber to contact the home owner.

What’s registration for?

By registering you become a member of the community and create a profile:

  • Identification is the essential preliminary. Your name, address, telephone, email address, and proof of identity must be given, so that forum moderators can so far as possible be assured of the seriousness and motivation of new members of the community.
  • Your profile details are then entered and made available to other members of the community.

After registration, you can, if you so wish, post or reply to adverts (only registered members can contact home owners).

The discovery option allows free trials in order to test the platform.

The “Profile” form is the basis for trust-building in the community. It ensures identity checks can be made. It enables a track record of activity in the community to be built up. It means a proper match between profiles and needs.

Is the private information I register made public?

Only the information that you choose to disclose is publicly visible on the website. No personal information is circulated (except if a member chooses to disclose it).

Documents providing evidence of ID are seen only by the member and by the Website moderators. They are erased from the servers as soon as the moderators validates them (or refuses to validate them).

When an advert is posted, the member’s username is displayed (first name, or alias if any).

Detailed information on members is never available, except when members directly inform one another. Details given are restricted to that other member only.

Some information is not displayed at all, or if displayed, is in modified form (e.g.: age instead of date of birth, first letter of family name…).

Members can consult and revise their profiles and ensure the profile contains only the information the member wishes to circulate to others.

Why did I not received the email with the link of confirmation of registration?

Check your “spam” e-mail folder, because some ISPs filter out emails containing links.

Why subscribe to Confidence Option?

In order to access more functionalities than the free version of the website

Subscription gives a home owner the ability to:

  • Post an advert privately (advert is visible only to other subscribers)

Subscription gives a home-sitter the ability to:

  • Consult adverts reserved to subscribed members
  • Apply to all adverts with no limit on the number of contacts

The benefits of home-sitter and home-owner profiling are:

  • Display written endorsement on one’s profile after a sit is over, so raising the trust profile
  • Enhance Profile by adding free text descriptions, which raise the trust profile still further
What does subscription cost?

Subscription charges can be consulted on this page.

I have lost my password, how can I change it?

Click on "Forgot password", or go to this page, and then:

  • In box 1: enter your e-mail
  • In box 2: enter the code that was sent to you by e-mail
  • In box 3: enter a new password

I am looking for a house-sitter

How do I register as home owner?

It’s easy, just click on"Find a house-sitter" in the NOMADOR home page .
You have two options.  Use the Discovery Option to post an ad free of charge. Or take the Trust Option, designed for people who want to restrict access  to other Members only. Click here to find out more.

I’m not an owner, but a tenant. Can I have someone house-sit my home?

No problem. Having a house-sitter isn’t subletting. There’s no financial transaction. It’s exactly the same as inviting friends or family into your home. You don’t need to ask for your landlord’s permission.

However, when long stay home-sitting is involved, be sure to seek advice and get more information.

How can I improve my chances of finding a house-sitter?

Take care about the way you write up your advert. Provide the right level of detail about your home, so that people will want to look after it. Put yourself in their shoes. Post photographs, respond to the questions asked about your home. Be precise about where your house is, what pets you have, and what things are of interest in your region.

How can I trust people I don’t know?

Trust is never established immediately. Information when it is given in member profiles is a step towards assurance, because ID checks are performed. Trust is built through exchange of information and by using the website as an instrument of trust:

  • Subscription / How long a member has been with Nomador
  • Profile details
  • Free text additions to profiles (requires subscription)
  • ID checks
  • Member-only internal email to check details if necessary and for secure exchange of information before any decision to exchange name and addresses
  • Photos
  • Experience of being a house-sitter acquired by home-owner
  • Experience of being a homeowner acquired by house-sitter
  • Reporting suspect profiles or adverts by members of the community
  • Online payment system

See page How Nomador builds Trust

See page Trust Profile

Do I have to post a picture of my house?

No, and if you don’t post a photograph, a house icon will appear by default on your listing. Browse the site: you will see some examples.
However, a listing without photographs will be looked at less and will therefore have less chance of attracting candidates.
In addition, a listing with photographs means you will receive better matched candidates: Nothing speaks better than a photograph to illustrate your everyday life in your house! You can add anything that gives useful information: The house, the bedroom to be lent, the animals, the garden… Imagine what you would like to see if you were planning a homesit in another house. Put yourself in the place of people who are looking for a homesit: They need to feel comfortable before they apply.

How do I update my ad, or change dates and photos?

Log in to your account and click on “My ad” at the top of the page.
Tabs prompt you to change key points in your listing.

How do I update personal details such as email address, etc.?

Log in to your account and click on your Alias at the top of the page.
Tabs prompt you to change key points in your Profile (ID, past history, likes/dislikes  etc..)

What can I ask house-sitters to do?

A house-sitter keeps your home safe, looks after it and minds your pets. By definition a house-sitter enjoys free accommodation, and is therefore willing to help looking after it but it’s common sense and a matter of getting the balance right.

Home owners frequently ask house-sitters to do the following things:

  • Mind pets or other animals (cats, dogs, horses…), take them out for walks, look after them and give them the same care as you would your own
  • Minor garden maintenance: lawn mowing, watering flowers and the vegetable garden, looking after the swimming pool
  • Picking up mail, checking there are visible signs of the house being lived in (lights on in the evening…)
  • Inviting no one in except by home owner agreement
  • Being careful about how long you spend out of the house, especially if there are pets or if the home owner wants the property occupied at nearly all times.

It’s not customary to ask house sitters to do things done by professional service providers, such as:

  • Looking after a large number of animals requiring hours of care
  • Looking after animals that are aggressive or require specialist veterinary care
  • Doing DIY or major gardening jobs
  • Doing the job of a regular groom looking after horses (cleaning out stalls, etc.)
  • Watching a property round the clock (duty of a security firm)..
How do I post a new ad for a new house-sitting period?

As soon as you’re sure who you want as a house-sitter, wrap up the deal with the selected candidate(s). Then log back on to your account. Click on “My ad” at the top of the page and go to Availability tab. Change dates  and make sure “I’m still looking for house-sitters” box is checked.

How can I modify the dates of my house-sit, or cancel a period?

Sign in, click on My Advert on top of the page, and go to the Dates and Availabilities tab.
Click on Edit (on the right to the dates that you want to modify or cancel).
Of course if you’re in contact with candidates, don’t forget to let them know!

How can I publish my advert for different periods of time?

If you’re already a member, sign in to your account and go to the Dates and Availabilities tab.

If you’re not a member yet, please register on this page, and fill in your advert. In the Dates and Availabilities tab, enter the first dates, then click on « Add a new period ».

How do I wrap up the deal with the home-sitters of my choice?

Go to your discussion space, that lists the candidates you are in contact with. Click on box “Confirm home-sitter dates” for the candidate of your final choice.

How do I organise a housesit with multiple house-sitters?

It sometimes happens, in the case of long term housesits, that the owners need to break up the housesit to use several different house-sitters. This is how to do it:

(Let’s take the example of a housesit from 1 January to 31 December).

  1. In the Availability tab of your listing, tick the “Flexible dates” box.
  2. In the details field of the Availability tab, specify that you are willing to organise the housesit with multiple candidates.
  3. When you have found candidates for a period (e.g. From 1 January to 31 July), validate the period with the candidates specifying the dates agreed with them
  4. Return to the Availability tab of your listing, check that the box “I am still looking for house-sitters” is ticked and that the dates are for the period that is still available (i.e. 1 August to 31 December).
I made a mistake about home-sitter identity or dates / my home is no longer available…. How do I cancel an agreement I made with home-sitters?

Go to your discussion space that lists candidates you are in contact with. Click on “Cancel” to update dossier. But be careful and ensure that the issue has been fully discussed between you and candidate home-sitters!

How can I assess the home-sitting experience after the event?

Once the home-sitters have left, an assessment form is posted to your account’s discussion space.
Select the 3 badges which best represent the qualities of your recent home-sitters.
If you wish, you can write up a positive endorsement, that the departing home-sitters can post in their Profile the next time they apply to home-sit.

Can I browse house-sitters Profiles on the website?

Nomador is the first bilingual platform that exists in two versions: an English one and a French one.
In order to respect cultural differences and habits on the internet, members’ profiles are not public. Personal details (photographs, personal profiles) are not published on line and can be seen only when a contact is established, in the discussion space.
If you are looking for house-sitters: please publish your advert (you can do it for free through the Discovery Option), and prospectives house-sitters will be able to contact you and introduce themselves.

You will then be able to see their Profile and introduction message, and start a discussion.

I registered because I want to have my house looked after, but I’m new to house-sitting. Can I be a home-sitter myself when I go on holiday?

Of course you can! The Nomador platform is open to everyone involved in house-sitting. You’ve got someone looking after your home? Enjoy freedom of travel by becoming a home-sitter yourself! Just fill in your personal profile.

I am looking for a house-sit

How do I register as a house-sitter?

Click on "Become a home-sitter", in the top band of NOMADOR home page.
This takes you to the registration page.  Setting up a Nomador account is simple.
Then fill in your Profile  (improve it by uploading photos, proof of ID, etc...)
If you want a Trust Profile, we advise you going to this page. This allows you to build trust with other members.

Please read the tips on this page before contacting a home-owner: the first message you'll send is very important to establish trust. A well-written message will convince the home-owner that you understand his need and it will increase your chances of stimulating interest and getting a reply.

How do I update personal details such as email address, etc.?

Log in to your account and click on your Alias at the top of the page.
Tabs prompt you to change key points in your Profile (ID, photo, additional information etc..).

Why am I asked to upload proof of identity and of domicile?

Nomador requests new members to upload at least one proof of domicile or identity, before they contact home-owners. Nomador is a community of trust, and trust is built up in the form of a Trust Profile.

Learn more about Trust Profiles here.

What happens to the documents of proof of identity and domicile that I am asked to upload to the site?

All documents you send are examined by a website moderator. They are automatically deleted from the servers as soon as the moderator validates (or refuses to validate) them. No proof of domicile or ID is kept. All personal records are definitively deleted.

How do I upload my proof of identity and address?

To upload your documents, you do the same thing as when uploading your photo:
- Logon to your Account,
- Click on your screen name at the top of the page,
And the various tabs for your Account are displayed.

It’s the “Trust Profile” tab that you use to upload your documents.

- Select, in the small blue drop-down menu on the left, the document concerned in the category “Proof of Identity” or “Proof of Address”,
- Then click on “Choose a file” and select it in your browser,
- Finally, click on “Have this document approved”.

Each document is examined, one at a time, by a moderator who will generally approve it within 24 hours of the upload. Bank details are considered as "checked" only when you subscribe to the Confidence Option (when on-line payment is made thus approved by your bank).

Your upload history is visible in your personal account.
Only approved documents are visible on your Profile.
You can look at your Profile at any time by clicking the button “Show my Profile” at the top of the page.

Useful tip: If you can't scan and download your documents from a computer, there is another simple way of doing it on a tablet or Smartphone: log in to your Nomador account and on the Trust Profile tab, click on 'choose a file.' You can then 'select an action' and take a picture of your documentary proof direct from your device.

How long does it take to have my documents validated?

Each document is examined, one at a time, by a moderator who will generally approve it within 24 hours of the upload. Your upload history is visible in your personal account (Trust Profile tab), but only approved documents are visible on your Profile.

How do I upload my Profile photo?

1/ Please sign in.
2/ Click on your ‘Alias’ (your account name) at the top of any page to open your personal account.
3/ Go to the ‘Identity’ tab.
4/ Upload your photograph.
(Click on “Choose a photo” and select it in your browser).

How do I change my Profile photo?

1/ Please sign in,
2/ Click on your ‘Alias’ (your account name) at the top of any page to open your personal account
3/ Go to Profile Pic in Identity Tab
4/ Click on "Delete" in order to remove the existing picture
5/ Save
5/ Upload new image
6/ Save again (click on "Save this information" - scroll down the page to find this button).

Do I have to add a photo to my Profile?

You are not obliged to add a photo. If you want, you can choose an avatar. However: When you contact an owner, your Profile will seem less attractive, less “human”, than if you had uploaded a real photograph. Be assured: The only people that have access to your Profile are those that you yourself have decided to talk to.
To understand the importance of a properly completed Profile: read this page on the Trust Profile.

How do I set up e-mail alerts in order to be notified of new listings?

Setting up e-mail alerts is free of charge and allows any member (whether a paid subscriber or not) to receive a notification as soon as a new home is listed.
1) Sign in to your Nomador account (or create one), and go to the list of house-sitting offers.
2) Use the browser (left of the page) to select your destination (for instance in the example below, France).
3) At the top of the page, you can set up an alert for this destination. You can also set up alerts according to your own criteria, by country, city, dates, location, etc.


How can I manage my e-mail alerts and notifications?

All alerts and notifications can be managed in your personal account.

1) In order to open your account: sign in then click on your alias on top of the page.
2) Go to the ‘General Parameters’ tab.
3) You can choose to cancel alerts and notifications, or deactivate them temporarily (for instance, if you are travelling and do not want to receive e-mails).

How do I contact a home owner to respond to an ad for a house-sitter?

Click on “Contact home owner” box on the home owner’s ad page. Your internal e-mail will open automatically and you can begin to chat privately with the home owner.

I’m registered as a home-sitter, but I want someone to mind my own home when I’m away. Is this possible?

Of course! The Nomador platform is open to everyone involved in house-sitting. If you’re going away to house sit, don’t leave your own home unsupervised! Register your home as available for house-sitting.

How can I increase my chances of being a house-sit?

Write up your profile carefully!

Put yourself in a homeowner’s shoes. Show home-owners you’re worthy of their trust, so they want put their house and pets in your hands. Take care when filling in the information asked (proof of identity, certificates of insurance). Your profile status will then be easier to check by website moderators.

Make owners feel they’d like to get to know you. Give details and describe who you are. Badges are a simple way to communicate your personality. Describe your leisure interests. Owners will be delighted to find they have things in common with you.

If responding to an advert, explain what you like about the home owner’s proposal and why you’d be the right person (particularly if there are pets). Don’t hesitate to give a reference if you’re new to the website and don’t have any evaluations.

Why not subscribe? You can build a profile that inspires trust (more badges, assessments posted, presentations in free text format …)

Are pets always involved when house-sitting?

Owners may simply want security when they’re away (signs of house being in constant occupation). But more often than not, pets are also involved. Looking after a cat, a dog or other animals, is often the real motive when looking for a home-sitter.

Who is responsible for the food and any costs for animals during the stay?

It is the owner’s responsibility to leave enough food, supplies and medicines for their animals.
Similarly, if vet costs are incurred, it is their responsibility to pay the vet or reimburse the home sitter if they have paid for it. These details can be agreed, in writing, in a contract which will be signed by the owner and the home-sitter on arrival at the home.

Why do some home owners not respond to my applications to home sit?

There are several reasons for home owners not responding:
- Your application is too recent and the home owner hasn’t had time to look in the NOMADOR mailbox
- The home owner has had lots of replies to his or her ad, and hasn’t the time to reply to them all
Perhaps your Profile isn’t attractive to the home owner, who may not feel like responding.
For advice on how to make your ad as attractive as possible: Read this Page.

What can I be asked to do as a home-sitter?

House-sitting means you get free accommodation when on holiday. In return, homeowners expect you to look after their property and pets. It’s important to fully understand homeowners’ needs and be ready to do what they ask. Read the adverts in detail before you respond!

The following services are frequently requested from home-sitters:

  • Looking after pets and other animals (cats, dogs, horses…), taking them out for walks, giving them the same care they would get from their owners
  • Minor jobs in the garden such as lawn mowing, flower and vegetable garden watering, looking after the swimming pool
  • Picking up mail, checking that the house shows signs of being occupied (regular presence, lights on in the evening)
  • Ensuring nobody enters the house you’re looking after, except by the owner’s agreement
  • Being careful about how long you spend out of the house, especially if there are pets, or if the home owner wants the property kept under close supervision.
How do I find out about household equipment?

Some details are available only to subscribers.

If you have questions, they can always be raised through the internal email system.

How do I assess a Home Owner?

After your home sitting is over, a Home Owner assessment form is posted to your account’s discussion page..
Select the 3 badges which best represent the qualities of the Home Owner whose house you looked after.
If you wish, you can write up a positive endorsement, that the Home Owners can post in their Profile, the next time they post an ad for a house-sitter.

Why do some listings appear when they are no longer available?

This is normal on house-sitting sites: on one hand, when a homesit is provided for, the listing is automatically marked “Home-sitters found”. This is indispensable information for candidates that have applied. On the other hand, a bit like an estate agent shows details of transactions they have completed, it is important to show examples of existing offers. They can be used as an example by those that want to publish a listing or become home-sitters.

Nomador Stopovers

What are Stopovers for?

With Stopovers, you now have the chance to:

  • As Travelers: Stay with one of our members for a night or two as you travel in another country, or maybe even to fill a gap between house-sits
  • As Hosts: Even if you’re not traveling ((and that’s also the case for many house-sitters part of the year), you can still meet new people in the community, by offering up a spare bedroom for those who happen to be in your part of the world.
How do I offer a Stopover?

You’re not a member yet, and you want to register only in order to list a Stopover: register on Nomador by going to this page (you can register for free by using the Discovery Option).

You are already a member on Nomador but you only have a house-sitter profile: sign in to your account, and click on « List my home » or « Look for house-sitters » on top of the page (left to your alias).

You are already a member and have already published a house-sit: sign in to your account, click on « My advert » on top of the page, and go to the Dates and Availabilities tab.

You’re not a member yet, and you’d like to list your home in order to find house-sitters AND propose a Stopover: you can register on this page (click on « Find house-sitters »), and both options will be proposed to you in the Dates and Availabilities tab.

Can I de-publish or cancel a Stopover offer?

You can close a Stopover offer at any time, in the Dates and Availabilities tab.

May I indicate the nationalities of travellers I would be happy to create links with?

Stopovers are proposed in order to allow members create international friendships. Some people may be happy to open the door on a regular basis - other people may wish to develop relationships with members from specific countries because of a specific project (an expatriation project, an internship abroad, a trip to come, etc..). You can explain your motivations when creating your Stopover offer.

How can I find a Stopover?

Stopovers are published in the list of advert and can be easily identified thanks to a small red banner with a suitcase icon. If you wish to find a Stopover in a specific area, use the search engine by country/region and narrow the results by clicking on "Limit search to Stopovers only".
Useful tip: can you see the small arrow, at the top of each picture on the list of accommodation offers? Simply click on it, and all the pictures will become maps.  
Nomador Stopovers were launched in April 2016: be patient! New offers will pop up on the website one by one.

Communication, Organization, Insurance, Reviews

Why do I have to use the internal message system rather than my personal e-mail?

We recommend that you use the internal message system for several reasons:

  • By regularly consulting your Nomador account, you will be sure not to miss any candidatures or messages (some e-mails don’t arrive or finish up in the Spam folder and you can never be sure that they were delivered).
  •  You guarantee that you are anonymous in the chats, until you feel sufficiently comfortable to exchange contact details.
  • You can easily find your chat history with any member you have been in contact with.


When and how to give instructions ?

Generally, house-sitters arrive at least one day before the home-owner goes away. Take time to give instructions, get to know the property and the likes and dislikes of any pets.

Establishing friendly relations around a welcoming meal is an important moment in the process. To make it easier to issue instructions, a standard home-book is downloadable.

Who pays standard costs of upkeep (electricity, heating…) during the house-sit?

Standard expenses are generally borne by the homeowner. The house is handed over in good condition to the house-sitter to live in, in exchange for looking after it. But the deal may vary, depending on how long the property is occupied by the house-sitter. Things may differ, depending on the season and personal preferences. The important thing is to agree on all aspects beforehand.

Should a contract be signed?

It’s always advisable to sign a contract between the parties and to do so even if the contract has limited legal validity. Writing down the major features of the deal helps clarify the agreement and avoids misunderstandings.

A standard house-sitting agreement can be downloaded here.

A Home-Book can be downloaded here.

Telephone and Internet use

This important point requires agreement case by case, depending on country and services available. In Europe, telephone and Internet charges are frequently flat-rate, irrespective of levels of consumption. But not in all countries. Consumption of services can lead to unexpected additional costs, quite inadvertently. These issues must be clearly raised and settled beforehand.

Who pays for house-sitter living expenses?

Home-sitters take care of all their own purchases (for food and house cleaning materials), just as they would do if they were renting accommodation.

On the other hand, homeowners provide all the essentials of pet care (food, litter).

Should house-sitters be paid?

Generally speaking, no. Payment is not in the spirit of a community house-sitting platform. House-sitting is an exchange of services. Each party benefits from the deal in its own way.

Should I declare a house-sitter to my insurer?

Insurance issues are the same as for house swaps. Insurance companies are not really able to provide cross-border coverage, even today. Forewarned is forearmed. Go to your insurer for more information. Request details from your home-sitter or homeowner. Get things organized well in advance.

It’s advisable to warn your insurer that people are in the house to keep it safe when you’re away. Home and Contents insurance generally provides coverage for claims arising from causes other than the guests themselves (this may not apply when home-sitters travel between certain countries, check with your insurance company).

You can ask your home-sitters to provide you a copy of the coverage they have for legal liability when traveling under own Home and Contents policy.

If you provide accommodation to a home-sitter from abroad, ask them to show what coverage they have, and check this out with your insurer.

If coverage is insufficient, ask your insurer as a precaution, either to provide specific temporary coverage or to add a “No Recourse” clause to your contract for the period in question. Accommodating a house-sitter when you’re away is a good way to manage the risk of break-in and of damage claims (leaks, electrical failures). Click here to read further information.

If you’re a house-sitter, coverage under your Home and Contents policy known in France as “Responsabilité Civile Villégiature” is available for damage claims that arise when you’re house-sitting abroad, provided there are no geographical exclusions (United States and Canada, for example). Check this with the homeowner whose house you are looking after, to make sure that the home owner’s insurer provides coverage. If necessary, home-owners can extend coverage.

On the other hand, if you cause minor damage (breakages, scored or marked furniture), most insurance companies will refuse to cover or will apply a deductible which is a disincentive to claiming. The best thing then is to reimburse the cost of repair to the homeowner, as you would for a friend.

Is car lending possible?

Car loan is much appreciated when travelling abroad. It’s a real cost saver for the home-sitter. But just as with the house, each party must get precise information from its insurer. Depending on circumstances, the home-sitter may have to apply for provisional extension of coverage from his/her own car insurer. The home-sitter’s insurer will then need a copy of the vehicle registration document (aka carte grise in France) for the vehicle on loan.

What happens if I can’t come, although I’m committed to look after the house, or if I can’t provide accommodation to the home-sitter, after all?

Cancellations are extremely rare in the P2P world, as the parties are fully aware of their respective commitments. Cancellations are hugely disappointing. If the home-sitter pulls out, the host household may not be able to get away on holiday. Not to mention problems of refunding air fares.

When cancellation becomes a known fact, the strength of a community platform lies in the number of alternatives available. An emergency solution can in most cases be found.

A member (either owner or sitter) who cancels a commitment without sufficient notice and/or without a serious reason (such as serious illness or death of a relative), may be excluded from Nomador without refund of their subscription fees (if applicable).

Because travel fares are often non-refundable, we advise not to buy plane or train tickets until you are sure that the other member’s commitment is definite. You may ask them to send copies of their own travel tickets, or a written agreement, as confirmation. We strongly recommend you buy travel insurance that will cover you in case of a cancellation due to unexpected serious events

Information on travel insurance, depending on nationality and destinations, is available from There are numerous travel insurance schemes, don’t hesitate to compare them.


Can I invite family or friends when I’m house-sitting?

Put yourself in the home owner’s shoes. They don’t like the idea of strangers entering their home when they’re away. As a house-sitter, if you have family or friends close by, why not go and see them, rather invite them into a home that’s not yours?

You can ask for permission to entertain guests. But remember that guests are generally a source of worry to homeowners. Asking owners’ permission is good practice when home-sitting and is an obligation that should be scrupulously honored.

How can I make my opinion about a host or home-sitter known?

Nomador will ask you to assess the quality of the home-sitting experience at the end of the stay. Home-sitters and home owners should fill in this assessment form carefully, as it’s important for the other party. Given that:

  • Many home owners or house-sitters daren’t say what they didn’t like, because they have a good relationship with and don’t want to upset the opposite party
  • Common ground in lifestyle terms is important (otherwise, how can something as subjective as “cleanliness” be realistically assessed?)

Nomador proposes a badge system when it comes to house-sitting feedback. As people get more experienced in house-sitting, they build up their profiles and express them symbolically (Perfect House-Keeper, Green Fingers, Pet Lover). Profiles such as these are easy to compare and contrast and avoid the need for making value judgments, which can be misleading.

Badges identify the good qualities in people and concentrate on the positives

Profiles are built up as and when home-sitting experience is gained and as added entitlement to badges is acquired (three badges are awarded at the end of every house-sitting experience).

Written endorsements (free text descriptions) may also be delivered after a house-sit. Subscribers to Trust Option can display them on their profile

Of course, an unsatisfactory house-sitting experience can be reported to Nomador community moderators, who are able to investigate and take action.