How do I express my needs?

Go to this page of the website. There are two options open to you:

Publish your listing free of charge: you will receive applications from people who are interested. You can view their profiles and discuss things with the applicants via our internal messaging service.

Search for house-sitters amongst the members of Nomador: you can view a variety of profiles and contact the house-sitters of your choice to tell them what you're looking for. This option is for members who have signed up for the Trust Package only (see our packages and rates here). This solution is perfect if your situation is urgent or if you prefer not to publish a listing.

How much does it cost?

Getting your home and pets looked after is free: at Nomador, we encourage house-sitting as an exchange of services, where there's a benefit and enjoyment for both sides: house-sitters like exploring new regions and even new countries. It helps them to travel for longer by saving money on accommodation. In exchange, they provide a service by looking after the house, taking care of and exercising pets and sometimes a little gardening.

Creating your account allows you to post your first stay for free to experience home-sitting. You can then receive applications from house-sitters, communicate with candidates, confirm mutual agreements, and exchange recommendations after this initial experience.

Several opportunities await you to further your journey with Nomador:

Discovery Plan (available for 3 months or 1 year): This enables you to post stays and receive applications from house-sitters eager to care for your pets in your home during your absence.

Standard Plan: _Includes Discovery Plan,

  • Directly contact home-sitters whose profiles meet your expectations
  • Dedicated support team
  • Standard Cancellation Service for unforeseen circumstances

Premium Plan: Includes Standard Plan,

  • Option to reserve your stay exclusively for Premium plan members for 24 hours
  • Premium Cancellation Service for unforeseen circumstances

Our Plans are presented on this page and will be suggested to you during your registration..

All our subscription plans are automatically renewable and can be canceled at any time through the "My Subscription" tab in your account.

How can I improve my chances of finding a house-sitter?

Take care about the way you write up your advert. Provide the right level of detail about your home, so that people will want to look after it. Put yourself in their shoes. Post photographs, respond to the questions asked about your home. Be precise about where your house is, what pets you have, and what things are of interest in your region. You can find more tips here.

What can I ask house-sitters to do?

A house-sitter keeps your home safe, looks after it and minds your pets. By definition a house-sitter enjoys free accommodation, and is therefore willing to help looking after it but it’s common sense and a matter of getting the balance right.

Home owners frequently ask house-sitters to do the following things:

  • Mind pets or other animals (cats, dogs, horses…), take them out for walks, look after them and give them the same care as you would your own
  • Minor garden maintenance: lawn mowing, watering flowers and the vegetable garden, looking after the swimming pool
  • Picking up mail, checking there are visible signs of the house being lived in (lights on in the evening…)
  • Inviting no one in except by home owner agreement
  • Being careful about how long you spend out of the house, especially if there are pets or if the home owner wants the property occupied at nearly all times.

It’s not customary to ask house sitters to do things done by professional service providers, such as:

  • Looking after a large number of animals requiring hours of care
  • Looking after animals that are aggressive or require specialist veterinary care
  • Doing DIY or major gardening jobs
  • Doing the job of a regular groom looking after horses (cleaning out stalls, etc.)
  • Watching a property round the clock (duty of a security firm)..
How do I update my advert, or add or delete photos?

Log in to your account and click on “My advert” at the top of the page. Tabs prompt you to change key points in your listing.

To add or delete photos on your listing:

  • Open the "General Description" tab.
  • Upload your new photos, or click on the photos that you want to delete to make the symbol of a small wastepaper basket appear.
  • Lastly, confirm your modifications by clicking on the "Next Page" button.
Where can I find the list of my applicants and the messages that they've sent to me?

To find your list of applicants: click on "Your applicants" at the top of the page (to the left of your member name).

A useful function: if you click on the little heart on your applicants' photos, you can add them to your wishlist. This will save you time later on when you select the "Display your wishlist" function.

How can I modify the dates of my house-sit, or cancel a period?

Sign in, click on My Advert on top of the page, and go to the Dates and Availabilities tab. Click on Edit (on the right to the dates that you want to modify or cancel). Of course if you’re in contact with candidates, don’t forget to let them know!

How can I publish my advert for different periods of time?

If you’re already a member, sign in to your account and go to the Dates and Availabilities tab.

If you’re not a member yet, please register on this page, and fill in your advert. In the Dates and Availabilities tab, enter the first dates, then click on « Add a new period ».

How do I confirm the house-sit with the house-sitters of my choice?

Go to your discussion space, that lists the candidates you are in contact with. Open the chat space with your candidate. Click on box “Plan a housesit” at the top of the page. Confirm the dates, and save.

How do I cancel an agreement I made with house-sitters?

Go to your discussion space that lists candidates you are in contact with. Open the chat space with your candidate. Click on “Cancel” at the top of the page. But be careful and ensure that the issue has been fully discussed between you and candidate house-sitters!

How can I review my house-sitters at the end of the house-sit?

Once the house-sitters have left, an assessment form is posted to your account’s discussion space. Select the 3 badges which best represent the qualities of your house-sitters. If you wish, you can write up an endorsement, that they can post in their Profile.

A dissatisfied member may choose not to leave a reference. In such a case, the homeowner's or house-sitter's profile will bear the comment "X member(s) did not wish to leave a reference". This comment will be visible by other owners if they receive the house-sitter's application.

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