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“Fantastic animal loving community

Nomador is an amazing platform to travel within a wonderful animal loving community! We made new friends (humans, dogs, cats, ducks and chicken!), and discovered beautiful places with advice from the locals. We will definitely keep traveling this way, it's the most fantastic way!”

Maud W. Brussels, Belgium - House-sitter

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Being a home-sitter is an incredible opportunity: You will be able to discover new regions for less and go on an adventure without sacrificing your comfort. The owner gives you the keys to their house or apartment for a specified period of time, and you are free to go about your business outside of your obligations under the home-sitting contract. For owners with pets, having a home-sitter is a guarantee of peace of mind: You allow the owner to leave with peace of mind and get regular news about their pets that they cherish so much.

A cost-effective solution in the spirit of exchange

This practice works through mutual trust: in the spirit of exchange and establishing enriching links between families internationally, everyone wins financially. The owners save on boarding costs, while the home-sitter is provided with free accommodation. The financial motivation, however, is usually not a priority for home-sitting: our members share a passion for animals and travel. Owners entrust their property to people who will be happy to take care of it, and they can leave with peace of mind.

How does one become a house-sitter with Nomador?

Nomador is a trusted community platform that connects individuals who want home-sitting, whether to keep a house or to have their house guarded. The process is very simple to become a home-sitter:
  • Create your profile on Nomador to become a home-sitter and access hundreds of places to stay around the world.
  • Enjoy free accommodation and do other families a favor by looking after their homes and pets while they are away.
  • Collect reviews and build a trustworthy profile to enjoy more and more stays and travel all year round, thanks to home-sitting.
  • Travel without limits with the Confidence Formula, or take advantage of a discovery offer to search for your first stays. Adventure awaits!

Obligations of home-sitters

Home-sitting is therefore based on an exchange of services: a home-sitter will have to perform a certain number of tasks according to the expectations of the owners. Watering the garden, keeping and feeding the pets, picking up the mail, keeping an eye on the house: these are all valuable services that make your presence on site necessary. Not to mention that an occupied home greatly reduces the risk of burglary! But don't worry: all these obligations are specified before the owner's departure to avoid any misunderstanding, and you can determine the missions you are able to fulfill yourself.

What is house-sitting?

Home-sitting, also called house-sitting, is an exchange of services. An owner will leave their home to a third party to look after it and maintain it during their absence (a rather long one). In addition, this exchange usually involves keeping pets: Dogs, cats, chickens and other furballs will need to be pampered and fed. For the home-sitter, this device allows them to have a break and enjoy free accommodation located in a tourist area. They can use all the equipment and goods on the premises, and it is ideal to get to know the locals.

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