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Discover the world by looking after houses and pets

Do you love going off the beaten track? Meeting new people? Are you an animal lover? Living as a local in a real home is-in your view-far more exciting and enriching than tourist accommodation? You’re likely a budding house-sitter, ready to go anywhere in the world!

Nomador house-sitters live free of charge in other peoples’ homes while their owners are away. In exchange for loving care of houses, pets and gardens, they get to travel far and wide, discovering new places in new countries.

Become a house-sitter
  • Lend a helping hand when families go away on vacation

    Look after a house and pets just like you were at home. Nomador members are all animal lovers and get to make new friends across the globe. By becoming a Nomador member, you can also have your pets and home looked after while you travel!

  • Make new friends with people in your country or on the other side of the world

    Dream week in Paris? A few months in Australia? Or a terrific trip around Argentina? House-sitting is a fantastic opportunity to visit and stay in places you wouldn’t otherwise see. Travel further, to more exciting destinations. It’s affordable, because by house-sitting you don’t pay for accommodation.

  • Travel cheaper, further and for longer.

    Travel the interesting way, by living in a real home that brings you experience of a totally new environment. Live like a local, but spare yourself the cost of tourist accommodation! Think how much that saves. House-sitters are good at traveling further and staying away longer, on a travel budget that’s suddenly not the headache it used to be.

Why Nomador?

  • The Discovery Option allows you to try out house-sitting for free

    Nomador is the first house-sitting platform to offer house-sitters a free option - the Discovery Option. No subscription is required to try out the system!

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  • It’s secure

    You build up your Trust Profile in safety: secure connections, profiles will only be shared if you want and documents are securely checked.

    For more information: House-sitter tips for a successful application
  • Make contacts across the globe

    A free alert system tells you about new offers at your dream destinations. No subscription is required to use our tools!

  • Become a member of a trusted and trusting community

    Join a community of travellers and animal lovers who share your values: trust, care and a sense of commitment, generosity of spirit, sharing, curiosity of other cultures, open-mindedness and a global awareness.

Become a house-sitter