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Trust: recognizing your spirit in another.

At Nomador, we believe establishing trust requires more than document verification and network security. Beyond exchanging homestays for pet care, building meaningful connections between homeowners and house-sitters – finding a perfect match – is the most effective way to rest assured that you, your home, and your pets are in trustworthy hands.

Connecting travel and pet lovers through common values: generosity, curiosity, open-mindedness, adaptability, and of course – a spirit of sharing – establishes global relationships that might last a lifetime – not just the length of your vacation.

(Don't worry, we've got the technical part covered, too.)

Connect with trust of mind

ID verification We offer multiple forms of ID verification - completely free!
Mail support 7/7 Mail support 7/7 on a secure network
Verified reviews From real house-sitting experiences

Multifaceted profiles help you find your perfect match

In a community packed with qualified, passionate caregivers and hosts, star-rated profiles start to look the same. So we’ve designed a system that will help your profile stand out from the crowd – and help you find your perfect match!

  • Badge System at-a-glance: Following each experience, house-sitters and homeowners select three badges that best represent the positive traits of the house-sitter or host. Over time, these traits are honed to reveal an accurate impression of each member’s core values. Are you looking for someone who’s neat and tidy, loves plants, and is interested in local culture? Badges make it easy!
  • Beyond the Basics: Looking for more details? Each profile offers ample space to get to know each other better, all before your first communication. From languages spoken to personal passions, our profiles make it easy to display the interests and hobbies that make you unique – and uniquely qualified – to build a lasting connection
  • Mutual Reviews made from verified housesits: In a trust-based community like Nomador, the experience of both the house-sitter and the homeowner are of equal importance. That’s why we encourage mutual endorsements based on real experiences.
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Nomador uses multiple levels of ID verification, authentic reviews, internal messaging, secure documents, and personalized 7/7 mail support to ensure a mutually-satisfying home sharing experience.