House-sitters to look after your dogs at home

Home-sitters are an ideal solution to look after your dogs at home, especially if you’re away for a while!

A dog looked after at home is less stressed
A dog looked after at home is less stressed

Home owners who have their pets cared for at home say that:

  • A dog kept in familiar surroundings is less stressed
  • A dog taken on daily walks or free to run in the garden is in better condition
  • A dog looked after at home and surrounded by affection suffers less from the absence of his owners
  • A young dog keeps getting the right training (housetraining, obedience, daily routines)
  • Older animals are less stressed (vet treatments, comfort, no change in sleep and exercise routines)
  • Families enjoy stress-free holidays, as they’re in touch with what’s happening at home

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