How is trust built on Nomador?

After registration, each new member is encouraged by Nomador to build his or her profile in the way that will best build up trust.

Building trust from identity checks

  • Proof of ID (identity card, passport) : you decide what evidence to provide. This information will of course be invisible to others. But it will help the moderators check identity.
  • E-mail protection: your e-mail address will not be disclosed. To exchange information, you use the secure internal e-mail system.
  • Payment of a member’s subscription provides additional ID authentication (secure on-line payment).

Building trust by relying on feedback from members of the community

Profiles in the Nomador community are built up from feedback posted on the website. After each house-sitting experience, badges are allocated to the parties involved.

The badges are indications of the qualities attributable to each profile. All of us have qualities, however different we may be. Highlight the qualities that are most important when engaged in house-sitting.

What sort of person do you seek to look after your home? “Perfect House-Keeper”? “Animal Lover”? “Security Guard”? Or “Gardener? Rely on the feedback posted by the community to find the right person to mind your home!

Secure internal e-mail system

After Nomador registration, you can communicate with other members.

If you’re interested in an option to house-sit, or you’ve had a message from a prospective house-sitter…

Take all the time you need to get to know one another using the Nomador secure email communication channel. Introduce yourselves, find out what you have in common, raise any issues that could be troublesome, exchange detailed information about the projected home-sitting.

Subscription system

Subscription gives access to some of the website’s advanced functionalities. Acquiring subscriber status proves you are motivated to use the system, and is a further means of consolidating the identity check process (subscription requires on-line payment).

Subscribers can if they wish opt for restricted access to some of the details of their advert (subscriber-only access).

Active and vigilant moderation

Requests for registration are regularly reviewed by a member of the moderation team.

New adverts are reviewed by a moderator who can intervene if a message or presentation does not follow house rules.

And of course, feed-back from members of the community is an essential way to build trust. A community’s operations are reliant on the vigilance of all its members.

To make your opinion known, you have access to the “Report Abuse” option. If house-sitting is not going well (for whatever reason) a moderator reserves the right to exclude a member (General Conditions of Use). The badges displayed in member profiles can therefore be relied on as trustworthy.

What’s needed to establish trust?

Member security is one of Nomador’s top priorities! Our teams keep careful watch over members’ security whenever they log on:

  • Secure HTTPS connections give added security to information shared
  • Your e-mail address will always be kept hidden from organizations compiling address lists for e-marketing (General Conditions of Service) Huge progress has been made in recent years to ensure that on-line communication is trustworthy (trusted communities). This is a field where the active pioneers of the collaborative economy are still deeply involved and share the outcome of their research. Among them are Frédéric Mazella at or Rachel Bostman, joint author in 2010 of “What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption”.

Associations ( are being set up dedicated to those involved in P2P and in the collaborative economy, to share feedback and experience.

We at Nomador take pains to ensure that best practice from years of house-sitting experience feeds in to our community platform.

Nomador’s founding members created Ilidor as far back as 2007, a house-sitting agency and flagship in its field in Europe.

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