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Protecting your home when you’re not there

Home-sitting is a great way to protect his home during his absence.

House-sitters looking after your home protect it when you’re not there

Owners seek house-sitters for several reasons:

  • To look after pets
  • To care for home and garden
  • To protect the property by making sure there’s someone there

It’s a fact that in summer, when burglaries are most frequent, houses that are lived in are less vulnerable.
It’s a fact that having a house-sitter helps avoid serious damage from unforeseen events—from water leaks to electrical faults.

Why does house-sitting protect your home?

  • Lights being on show that someone’s at home.
  • House-sitters occupy the property. Cars are on the move and visibly change places, mail is retrieved from the letter box, washing dries outside and the garden is tended.
  • House-sitters switch on the burglar alarm before leaving and ensure it’s in working order (home owners can give their house-sitters’ mobile numbers to their surveillance company).
  • House-sitters are poised to take action in the event of electrical faults, storm damage and other unpredictable events.
  • If any damage does occur, its effects can be dealt with promptly and the house-sitter can inform the home owner and even alert the insurance company.
  • House-sitters can even take incoming telephone calls to show that the house isn’t empty!

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