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House-sitting is a win-win exchange that goes far beyond the savings made on looking after your pets or the holiday budget. It also helps you make friends with people who share the same enthusiasm for travel and exploration. Do you belong to the International House-Sitting Community? Are you travelling and need a Stopover? Or maybe you have a spare room in your house and you like making new friends?

Being a member of Nomador allows you to:

  • search for a travel Stopover with a member of the community, when you are travelling in another country
  • offer hospitality to another member passing through your area by offering a Stopover.

Who can offer a Stopover?

Whether you're a home-owner or a home-sitter - all you need is a spare room in your house: you can offer a Stopover to another member of the community.

Offer a Stopover

Who can ask for a Stopover?

Whether you're a home-owner or a house-sitter - if you're travelling in another country and need to make a short stop on the way: you can ask another member of the community for a Stopover.

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