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Solveig L.

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Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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About Solveig L.

57 years old | analyst | As a couple/duo

I am 57 years old, no smoker, rather quiet person, like to keep all my things clean and in the right order, addicted to nature and books . Through my life I have lived and worked in the different countries and can adopt easily to the place and to the new situation. The cats and dogs were over years members of family. At the times I have lived in the houses with garden, I used to grow my own vegetables and flowers and have kept some farm animals.

I have spent many years before Covid commuting between Germany and Norway, now mostly staying in France and Germany.

I would greatly appreciate if you will give me an opportunity to take care of your property and to do my best to be a good replacement in time of your absence for all your big and little furry and feathery darlings.
I am experienced with giving the pills(the different ways) and administering the insulin shots, like to brush and cuddle and of course know a lot of cuddling words in Norwegian, German, English, French for all animals.

I am very thankful to all adoptive parents of animals(dogs, cats, goats, sheep, parrots, chicken, ducks, fishes), I have met since I discovered Nomador for their trust and I am humbled by their kind words about me.

I listed Kjetil as my possible travel companion, but I will explicitly mention by applying if he should travel with me for some days as he is not so flexible due to the work demanding his presence in person.
I often has thought that it is a pity that Kjetil didn’t have an opportunity to study and become a veterinarian as he not just loves animals, but he really has some special connection with them.
Kjetil is less in the books, but more in the music and sport.

P.S. Well, I wanted to mention my disadvantages . I don’t mind the cold, rain, fog, snow or dark time, but I have not been coping well with hot weather through my whole life, so I unfortunately can’t take the assignments in the places where it is always hot and not only heat wave over some days.

I am less curious how your house/apartment is furnished and don’t need the video guiding tour, except if there are cases that we don’t meet in person before your departure, but than also only essential places, which are connected with the storage of animals belongings plus the locations of electricity board, general valve to shut down the water/ gas supply.
I am only interested, if there are some curtains/shutters in the room I will be staying, so it will be possible to make darker for the night and if it is a bed. The sleeping sofa is certainly a good invention for some nights, but for the many weeks or months it can be very challenging☺️.
I am a calm person and I don’t produce unnecessary noises self, so it is rather advantage for animals and neighbours to have me around. Our apartments in Düsseldorf and Oslo are located in the quiet areas, so I also apply only for the quiet areas and kindly ask to let me know, if there are already planned and known to you some construction works straight direct to you house/apartment in the time I should take care of your property and animals.

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My travel companions
Kjetil, 55 years old, Technician, Spouse / Partner

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German | English

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  • From 27/04/2024 to 26/05/2024
  • From 27/05/2024 to 13/06/2024
  • From 20/06/2024 to 20/07/2024
  • From 26/07/2024 to 23/08/2024

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Community opinion



Arcachon, France - March 2024

Solveig is a perfect pet-sitter. She is discreet and modest. She looked after my little kitty very well. She also looked after my little appartment and send me very often news about what was happening around the place. It was for me quite important to have a person like Solveig because I was away from home for a longtime and also very far. I had no worries at all and spent a wonderfull time thanks to Solveig. So, many thanks to her and the way she handles a lot of things. This was my first experience with Nomador and I must say I am very satisfied. Kind regards, Madeleine

Genevieve G.

Brussels, Belgium - December 2023

(FR) Solveig est une vraie fée qui a gâtée mon vieux chat tout en le soignant avec tendresse. J'ai tout de suite senti que je le laissais entre de bonnes mains. Ma semaine à l'étranger a été aussi pour lui comme une semaine de vacances pleine de bons moments. J'ai retrouvé mon appartement impeccable, même si j'avais insisté qu'il n'était pas nécessaire de nettoyer à la fin du court séjour. Je suis enchantée de la venue de Solveig chez moi. (Et Ronron, mon chat, aussi) ------------------------- (EN) Solveig is a real fairy who spoiled my old cat while caring for him with tenderness. I immediately felt like I was leaving it in good hands. My week abroad was also like a week of vacation for him full of good times. I found my apartment spotless, even though I had insisted there was no need to clean at the end of the short stay. I am delighted that Solveig came to my home. (And Ronron, my cat, too)

Bernadette B.

Liège, Belgium - August 2023

Solveig in really perfect, very kind and sweet with my old cat, she care about it, send me pictures, si I feel quiet during my holidays. It is easy to have relation with her, and pleasant. When I come back, my home is clean, everything in order. Really Solveig is perfect!

Francesca D.

Pescara, Italy - August 2023

Solveig is a very lovely person. From the very first contact we felt that we could trust you. During our absence we have always kept in touch and we have always received photos and updates on our little Tino. She is thoughtful, precise, careful, tidy and very very easy going. It was very easy to leave the house and Tino in her hands, as if she had always been our roommate. On our return we found a healthy and happy Tino, who didn't suffer from loneliness, but not only that, the house was clean and tidy and this was a dream after a long journey. Solveig was a perfect sitter, we feel so lucky to have found her. We hope we can count on you in the future.

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