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Sunday, June 2, 2024 - Pets

Affordable Cat Care on a Tight Budget: Money-Saving Tips

Dreaming of a getaway but have a strict budget? Don't skimp on your kitty's well-being while you're away. Uncover our tips and solutions for affordable cat care during your absence, especially through house-sitting and cat-sitting swaps with other pet owners. You'll be able to travel with a peaceful mind and wallet!

Why Can Cat Sitting Get Pricey?

Hiring a cat sitter while you're on vacation can be a significant expense. A recent study found that cat owners spend an average of €150 per week on cat care services. Several factors contribute to these high costs:

  • Cat boarding rates range from €12-€25/day based on amenities and location
  • In-home cat sitting visits cost €15-€30 each
  • Food and supply expenses on top of sitting fees
  • Potential upcharges for special needs care (medications, grooming, etc.)

For budget-conscious owners or extended trips, the total can quickly skyrocket. Luckily, there are ways to dramatically reduce these cat care costs without sacrificing your feline's comfort.

Try Cat Care Swaps with Other Owners

Swapping cat sitting services with another owner is an affordable, neighborly option. The idea is simple: you host someone's kitty while another person cares for yours, both free of charge. It takes some coordination, but it's a nice way to build community!

3 tips for a successful cat-sitting swap:

  • Partner with a reliable owner, ideally living nearby
  • Clearly outline your cat's routine and needs (meals, meds, playtime, etc.)
  • Do a trial run before the actual sit to acquaint the cats

Choose House-Sitting for Free In-Home Cat Care

Did you know some folks will watch your cat for free in exchange for staying at your place? That's the concept behind house-sitting, an increasingly popular choice among cat parents.

Smiling cat sitter holding content cat
House-sitting: personalized, complimentary in-home cat care

Benefits of Cat House-Sitting for You and Your Kitty

House-sitting offers numerous perks for both your cat and your finances:

  • Your cat remains in familiar surroundings with recognizable scents and favorite nap spots, ensuring a calm, stress-free experience
  • The sitter, hosted at no cost, provides near-constant companionship for your kitty (perfect for sociable cats!)
  • You decide on the level of attention and care the sitter provides (playtime, snuggles, grooming, etc.) for personalized, "just like home" cat sitting
  • Besides food and supplies, there are no out-of-pocket sitting expenses, saving you considerably compared to kennels or professional sitters

Nomador connects cat owners across the world with feline-loving home-sitters. Each sitter is thoroughly vetted and approved by our team, allowing you to travel worry-free on a budget!

Arrange Discounted Rates with Friends or Family

Asking loved ones (family, neighbors, pals) to cat-sit remains a reliable, low-cost option. They'll likely happily help you out as a simple favor. However, it's courteous to offer some compensation for their time.
Feel free to agree on a "mates' rate" lower than professional cat boarding or sitting fees (aim for €7-€10/day). You could also suggest a service swap: babysitting their kids, caring for their pets, or tackling household projects. Give and take!

Fluffy cat contentedly sitting on owner's lap
Entrusting your cat to friends or family: the trusted and affordable choice

Shop Around for Cat Boarding Deals

If you prefer the professional route, compare rates at different cat boarding facilities. Expect to pay €10-€20/day depending on the services and reputation of the cattery. With a bit of research, you can find budget-friendly options.

Tips for scoring low-cost cat boarding:

  • Check with your vet or on local Facebook groups for recommendations
  • Look for family-run kennels over large, commercial facilities
  • Reserve early to snag advance booking discounts

Bonus Tip: Train Your Kitty to Embrace Alone Time

Independent cat eating from automatic food dispenser
Teaching your cat independence - the zero-cost solution!

Another way to minimize cat sitting fees? Train your cat to tolerate some solitude! If you're only gone for 2 days, your kitty can likely manage solo with the proper setup and preparation.

Essentials for leaving your cat alone for a few days:

  • Ample automatic food dispenser and water fountain
  • Several freshly cleaned litter boxes
  • Engaging toys to beat boredom
  • Cozy hiding spots and cat tree for rest and retreats
  • Remote monitoring system to check in from afar

With these measures and a well-adapted cat, you can embark on short trips with zero sitting expenses. Quite the hack for penny-pinchers!

As you can see, even on a shoestring budget, you have plenty of options for stress-free cat care during your time away. Swaps with fellow owners, house-sitting, calling in favors, shopping for deals - just pick the solution that fits your needs and your cat's personality. If complimentary, trustworthy in-home cat care appeals to you, explore our Nomador community! We'll match you with the purr-fect home-sitter for your feline friend in a flash, so you can embark on your adventures with total tranquility (and a full piggy bank)!



Nomador, the top home and pet sitting platform in Europe, enables cat sitters to exchange complimentary accommodations for caring for pets in their own homes, creating exceptional travel experiences. With Nomador, cat owners gain peace of mind that their pet and house are well looked after while they relish a wonderful trip.

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