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Cristina L.

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Main competencies


My age:
55 years
My occupation:
Artist (painter)
My town:
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Travel companion(s)

  • Pau, 53 years, Digital Marketer, Spouse / Partner

House-sits already booked

  • From 25/01/2018 to 26/02/2018

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Favorite destinations

  • Europe

Favourite pets and animals

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Farm animals
  • Fish
  • Horses
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents


  • I know how to take care of a garden

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More information

Passionate animal lovers, energetic, happy, active, adventurous, non-smoking couple and loving all that house sitting offers. We are Cristina (53) and Pau (51) a happily married couple. Both non-smokers.

Fortunate enough to be able, as free lancers, to do our jobs wherever. I'm Norwegian and my husband is from Barcelona, where we currently live after many years living in Norway. We have no children. I'm an artist with an endless hunger of sources of inspiration while not busy with projects or studies. He's a digital marketing consultant and does most of his work remotely through internet.

We like to travel and we love animals. House sitting gives us the possibility to link these two passions. It offers the opportunity to travel and visit places that we had not thought about and share this experience with animals that require the ongoing attention and affection that is usually provided by their owners. We’ve owned pets during our lifetime and can understand the importance of animals in people’s lives and know how to enjoy their company and provide the necessary care.

We have plenty of experience with cats and dogs, as we've enjoyed the company of some of them through the years at home, and also have sitted other people's pets, both at their own places and in ours. New pets seem to accept and trust us very quickly (perhaps that innate ability of animals to identify friendliness) and as we go along we better understand what owners expect of us reacting with their properties and pets. We have an understanding of the value that an owner has on their property. As nature lovers we can also look after gardens and tenderly take care for delicate indoor plants. We have better than basic house maintenance/gardening skills (lawn mowing, cutting wood, pruning, clearing snow from driveways and paths using large machinery and manual methods, etc) and have no fear in trying something new and unexpected.

Being very active and adventurous we are willing to travel anywhere in the world, willing to learn new cultures and languages. We are prolific walkers and bike riders.

Motivated to go to places that we have not been to or heard of. We can live by the ocean, in cities, rural (working and hobby) farms and remote mountain villages; in the heat, in humidity, in the rain and in the cold beautiful scenic world of snow and ice. Can use our life experiences for problem solving and those unexpected events that happen from time to time.

We are very organized, clean, reliable and respectful people. Have good communication and computer skills, understand technology and its use in keeping in touch with owners. Know how follow instructions. We both are fit and active and have no problem with energetic tasks.


By Noëlle B., on 09/30/2017
Nous sommes très satisfaits du home-sitting de Cristina et Pau pendant nos 19 jours d'absence. Ils se sont bien occupés de nos animaux, y compris en soignant un chat et un chien qui avaient besoin de prendre des médicaments, et leur ont donné à tous beaucoup de câlins. Ils nous ont envoyé des nouvelles très régulièrement et ont laissé la maison propre et impeccable. C'est un couple très sympathique, efficace et prêt à rendre service. Nous les recommandons vivement.
By Hervé C., on 09/05/2017
Elle, c'est un soleil norvégien, lui, une belle présence méditerranéenne...
Je n'ai connu le couple qu'1 heure avant de leur confier les clés de ma maison, non sans quelques réticences pour cette première expérience sur le site. Mon retour s'est effectué 7 jours plus tard pendant lesquels j'ai été tenu au courant, photos, vidéos et récits sur le suivi des animaux, de la propriété et du jardin, qu'ils ont régulièrement envoyés. J'ai retrouvé ma maison peut être plus propre que je ne l'avais laissée, les animaux en parfaite santé, et le jardin et les plantes en pleine forme. Les consignes ont été respectées et ils ont fait même preuve d'initiatives louables. Je referai, sans hésiter, appel à Christina et Pau si leurs disponibilités sont compatibles. Je les recommande vivement à ceux qui sont intéresses par ce principe d'échange via Nomador et me propose si c'est souhaitable et possible de témoigner de vive voix ou par téléphone de ma totale satisfaction sur leur présence chez moi.
Cannone Hervé. Tarn. France
By christophe D., on 08/27/2017
Pau et Cristina sont des home sitters exceptionnels.
Nous avons retrouvé notre maison dans un état impeccable et nos animaux en pleine forme et joyeux en raison des bons soins et de l'affection qu'il leur ont prodigués
Cristina a eu la gentillesse pendant son séjour de nous adresser quelques photos de la maison et des animaux, nous avons été rassurés de leur présence dans notre maison
Ce sont par ailleurs des gens charmants et sensibles que nous avons eu grand plaisir à connaître
Nous les recommandons chaudement
Marie et Christophe
By Magmat66, on 06/21/2017
Home sitters au top, très agréables et sérieux que je recommande vivement.
Tout était parfait, des nouvelles régulière, avec des photos...
La chienne était la reine avec des sorties régulières et un entretien impeccable.
Nous avons retrouvé la maison dans un état parfait, intérieur comme extérieur.
C'était parfait.
A bientôt.
By Oliver C., on 05/11/2017
Cristina and her husband were awesome. They took care of our dog if it was there one. They were very clean, polite and sent us messages with photos nearly every day. My wife and I would like to thank them to have taken care of our dog and would be happy to welcome them again. We recommand them strongly.
Oliver & Cécile
By Kirsten, on 04/23/2017
Cristina and Pau are wonderful houses sitters and we are totally happy and grateful that they took so good care of our dog and the house while we were away. Very friendly couple, reliable, left everything meticulously and always kept us informed. Really great experience with them!!!