Trip Cancellation Reimbursement Service

In inclusion to its Standard and Premium Subscription plans offered to its Members, Nomador offers an additional service to reimburse trip cancellation and accommodation expenses.

Article 1: Trip Cancellation Reimbursement Service

1.1 Definitions

In the context of the "trip cancellation" service (hereinafter the “Service”), the following definitions apply:

  • Subscription: The overall offer, including a number of plans, provided by Nomador and subscribed to by the member. Only the Standard and Premium plans include the Service.
  • Member: Any natural person who is not representing a business or organization and who has purchased a Subscription on the Nomador website.
  • Natural Disaster: An unusually intense natural event not caused by human intervention. A phenomenon, such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a tidal wave, a flood, or a natural cataclysm, having been caused by an unusually intense natural event and recognized as such by public authorities.
  • House-sitting: An exchange of free services between House-sitters to watch the Owner's apartment or house and take care of their pets while they are away from home.
  • House-sitter: The Member looking for accommodations and offering a House-sitting or Pet-sitting service.
  • Pet-sitting: In-home pet care service.
  • Owner: The Member who is offering their accommodation and looking for a House-sitting or Pet-sitting service.
  • Service: Reimbursement of cancellation and accommodation expenses by Nomador to a Member if the Home-sitting is canceled by the Owner or House-sitter.
  • Trip: A stay of at least one night booked through the Nomador website.

1.2 Purpose of the Service

For the House-sitter, the Service is intended to do the following if the Owner's trip is canceled:

  • Reimburse expenses associated with canceling or changing transportation tickets; or
  • Cover accommodation expenses if the House-sitter still wishes to make the Trip

For the Owner, the Service is intended to do the following if the House-sitter cancels:

  • Cover expenses associated with caring for the pet; or
  • Cover expenses associated with canceling or changing transportation tickets

1.3 Service Performance

The Service begins on the day when the Standard or Premium Subscription plan was purchased through the Nomador website and ends on the last day of the House-sitting. The Member's Subscription must be active on the day of the Trip.

1.4 Limitations of the Service

Reimbursements paid by Nomador to the Member for the Service are set based on the plan selected by the Member and limited to a reimbursement type, as shown in the table below:

The Member may subscribe to the higher plan at least one (1) month before the start of the Trip and no more than ten (10) days after booking the Trip.

2. Service Exclusions

The following are excluded and cannot be reimbursed through the Service:

  • Any cancellation fees arising from a Natural Disaster within 100 km of the Trip's location
  • Any cancellation fees arising from border closures or lockdowns ordered by the government or administrative authority the prevent the Trip
  • Any cancellation fees occurring more than thirty (30) days before the starting date of the House-sitting
  • Any transportation expenses incurred after the Member has learned of the cancellation

The Service always excludes any Member appearing on any official, governmental, or police database of proven or suspected terrorists, as well as anyone belonging to a terrorist organization, trafficking drugs, or involved as a supplier in the illegal trade of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons.

3. Practicalities of Service Performance

3.1 How is notification given for a Service cancellation?

The Member is required to provide notification within two business days of becoming aware of the cancellation, except in the event of an accident or force majeure. The notification shall be given directly by email to [email protected]. If the Member fails to comply with this cancellation notice period, they will not have access to the Service.

3.2 What supporting documents should be provided?

The Member must provide the following supporting documents:

  • Proof of the canceled reservation;
  • Proof of expenses (paid bill for accommodations, alternative care, or transportation cancellation or change fees);
  • Proof of confirmed House-sitting

Furthermore, the Member must submit any documentation that Nomador deems necessary to evaluate the merits of their request.

If, in bad faith, the Member's supporting documents are inaccurate or if the Member uses fraudulent means or makes inaccurate or incomplete statements, the Member will be denied access to the Service. In such an event, Nomador reserves the right to pursue legal action in a criminal court.

4. Service Reimbursement Terms

The reimbursement will be made in full by means of a transfer into the Member's bank account within five (5) business days following the date on which Nomador is in possession of all the supporting documentation, up to the maximum indicated in article 1.4.

5. Territoriality

The Service may be carried out worldwide.

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