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preparing to leave for vacation serenely with your cat
Sunday, June 2, 2024 - Pets

10 Tips to Calmly Prepare for Vacation When You Own a Cat

Are you getting ready to go on holiday but feeling anxious about leaving your cat behind? Don't worry - with some advance planning, you can arrange quality cat care and entrust your feline friend to a cat sitter with complete peace of mind. Here are 10 tips to help you organize pet sitting for your cat and prepare for this time apart.

1. Select the Best Cat Care Option

Depending on your cat's personality and the duration of your trip, you have several pet sitting option to consider. You could board your cat at a cattery, hire an in-home cat sitter, or even arrange a sitting exchange with another cat owner. Evaluate the choices and select the cat care solution that best meets your needs and your cat's.

2. Gradually Acclimate Your Cat

Cats are creatures of habit and don't like abrupt changes. If you've chosen an outside cat sitting arrangement, gradually get your cat used to it. Bring them to the boarding facility or cat sitter's home a few times before the actual stay. Consider leaving their bed blanket which has their comforting scent in the new space.

3. Schedule a Vet Check-Up

Before drop-off, it's wise to ensure your cat is in good health. Book a routine check-up with your vet. Verify that vaccinations are current and parasite prevention is done. Also discuss any medications that need to be administered while you're away.

Cat being examined by veterinarian before boarding stay
Take your cat for a vet exam before boarding to ensure they are healthy for their stay.

4. Pack Your Cat's Suitcase

Help your kitty feel at home while you're gone by carefully putting together their ideal travel kit. Be sure to include:

  • Usual food and water bowls
  • Regular brand of cat food
  • Familiar bed and favorite blankie
  • Preferred toys and playthings
  • Litter box and cat litter

You can even pack an old t-shirt that smells like you to put in their bed as a comforting touch.

5. Provide your cat sitter with detailed instructions

Your cat sitter needs all the key information to properly care for your cat. Write out important instructions on a sheet to give them, including:

  • Feeding schedule and portion sizes
  • Any medicine names and doses
  • Litter box habits and preferences
  • Vet's contact information
  • How to reach you in an emergency
Woman reviewing cat care instructions with pet sitter
Provide your cat sitter with detailed care instructions for your kitty.

6. Determine Your Cat Sitting Budget

The pet care costs will vary based on the cat sitting option you go with. On average, expect to pay around €15-€20 per day for cat boarding, and slightly more for an in-home cat sitter. Use our handy online calculator to estimate your total cat sitting expenses for the duration of your vacation and adjust your plans if needed to stay on budget.

7. Cat-Proof Your Home

If your cat is being cared for by a sitter in your home, take steps to secure their living space. Install a pet-safe cat door if they are allowed outdoors. Hide any cleaning chemicals and potentially poisonous houseplants out of reach. Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend who could assist the cat sitter if any issues come up.

8. Stock Up on Cat Supplies

Don't get caught short - make sure your cat sitter has ample supplies. Stock up ahead of time on essentials your kitty uses daily like:

  • Cat litter
  • Dry and wet cat food
  • Cat treats and snacks

Consider ordering these online from pet supply stores and having them shipped right to your door to save a last-minute shopping trip.

9. Stay Connected While You're Away

It's natural to think about your beloved cat while you're traveling. Coordinate a check-in plan with your cat sitter to put your mind at ease. Have them send you periodic updates, ideally with photos, of your happy cat. That way you can relax and enjoy your trip.

10. Plan for a Smooth Homecoming

The long-awaited day is here - you're back from your trip! Give your cat some space and time to readjust after your absence. Don't be alarmed if they seem a bit aloof initially. Within a few days, things will be back to normal and you can fully smother them with snuggles to make up for the lost cuddle time.

By taking these steps, you can jet off on your holiday with a calm mind, confident that your cat is in capable hands and getting the TLC they need. The only thing left is to enjoy your well-deserved vacation without guilt! Thinking about your cat sitting options? Consider our service that matches you up with volunteer cat sitters - a novel, friendly type of vacation pet care that more and more cat parents are using. Wishing you happy travels... and contented kitty purrs awaiting your return!



Nomador, the top home and pet sitting platform in France, enables cat sitters to exchange complimentary accommodations for caring for pets in their own homes, creating exceptional travel experiences. With Nomador, cat owners gain peace of mind that their pet and house are well looked after while they relish a wonderful trip.

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