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Monday, December 5, 2022 - House-sitters

House-sitters tips: how to select the right house-sit

House-sitting is rapidly becoming more and more popular, which also means more and more competition among house-sitters. And because demand is (unfortunately) higher than availability, house-sitters have to use every trick in the book to stand out from the crowd in their search for a new destination. But does this mean forgetting to be selective? It shouldn’t!

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House-sitters tips: how to select the right house-sit

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Community life - Starting From Scratch: how to get house-sits without prior experience!

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House-sitter tips: How to make your housesitting application stand out from the crowd

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How to Pack Carry-On Only For Your Housesit

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Paris (3)-d99daf07.jpg

House-sitting as a Gateway to Expat Life

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Pet-Sitting 101: 5 Things You Need to Consider

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How to Prepare for Your House Sitting Interview

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How to House-sit With Your Own Pets

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How to Get Housesitting Jobs - for Millenials and Gen Zs!

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Getting Asked Back: Going Above and Beyond in your Housesit

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Hidden Costs of House-sitting

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What Happens When You Have to Cancel a House-sit

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Housesitting with Difficult Pets

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